We are seeing the greatest European conflict since WWII in Ukraine. The organization is actively saving and protecting Ukraine’s Jews. The war remains ongoing, killing hundreds of civilians and displacing millions of Ukrainians fleeing for their lives. Since the onset of the war, The Jewish Agency has been on the front lines, saving the Jews of Ukraine.

In the wake of intense fighting against Russia’s invasion, the organization is helping raise money to help Ukrainian refugees and to bring them to the land of Israel.

There are 200,000 Jews in Ukraine

In anticipation of a massive wave of immigration from Ukraine, the Jewish Agency for Israel has launched its “Aliyah Express” program to expedite the immigration process, resulting in thousands of Ukrainian Jewish refugees arriving in Israel.

Since Russia’s onslaught into the country last month, some 4,000 Jewish Ukrainian refugees have come to Israel. That number is expected to dramatically increase, especially as the situation worsens.
You can be a part of God’s plan in the return of the Jewish people to their homeland. Christian support for the Ukrainian Jews, in cooperation with the Jewish Agency for Israel, will help facilitate the rescue and Aliyah and help resolve this emergency crisis facing Ukrainian Jews.


To donate to the Ukrainian Jewish Rescue and Aliyah press the link below: