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Engaging the Latino Community with the largest Pro-Israel Hispanic Movement

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Latino Coalition for Israel


We are very excited about the establishment of a historic initiative of the Latino Coalition for Israel (LCI). It is our vision to engage the Latino Christians in the Pro-Israel movement. LCI’s vision is to activate Hispanics in the Pro-Israel movement to counter the global rise of antisemitism and the Campaign to delegitimize the Nation of Israel. Our vision is to establish the largest Pro-Israel Hispanic entity: The Latino Coalition for Israel (LCI).


LCI will produce pro-Israel events in the largest U.S. Hispanic populated cities, as well as event sponsorship in South America, Central America and the Caribbean. Mobilization also includes equipping and engaging Hispanic Christians in prophetic activism and advocacy in support of Israel.


We will coordinate Latino-Jewish Round Table events with top tier Hispanic Evangelical and Jewish leadership and established a Latino-Jewish Task Force that will bridge the Hispanic and Jewish communities on a national basis to strengthen mutual understanding, build relationships, foster cooperation and advance pro-Israel activism. We have hosted three previous very successful round table events.

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latest happenings

Combating Rising Global Anti-Semitism 2/17/2021

Combating Rising Global Anti-Semitism 2/17/2021

The “Combating Rising Global Antisemitism” webinar with our special guest Elan S. Carr calls upon Christian Leaders from the nations to come together with the purpose of obtaining real solutions to this growing global concern.

The Word Of The Lord For Israel For 2021

The Word Of The Lord For Israel For 2021

Apostle Mario Bramnick ministering on the word of the Lord for Israel for 2021. Joining us is special guest, Ellie Cohanim will be sharing on the accomplishments in combating Anti-Semitism and the Abrahamic Accords.


President Donald Trump took office promising to reverse the most anti-Israel policies in U.S. history from the Obama-Biden Administration and rebuild the U.S.-Israel relationship to ensure it became stronger than ever before. The Trump Administration has fulfilled this promise. Major Highlights: