© Stefani Reynolds

The House passed the a watered down resolution against anti-Semitism. The fact that the Democratic Leadership refused to directly condemn anti-Semitism in their ranks is shameful and troubling. Instead they continue to downplay comments and to make excuses for their peers.

Mario Bramnick, President of the Latino Coalition for Israel, condemns Ilhan Omar’s anti-Semitic statements, as well as, the House Democratic unwillingness to denounce such anti-Semitic action.

The anti-Israel comments are not new. In 2012, Ilhan Omar tweeted that Israel has “hypnotized the world.” Just a few weeks ago, she argued that members of Congress who support Israel were bought and paid for by Jewish money. Just last week, she accused American supporters of Israel as having an “allegiance to a foreign country.” When Omar is called out for her repeated anti-Semitic comments, she pivots by attacking Israel, which is nothing more than code for anti-Semitism.

Pastor Bramnick stated “not only do Democrats refuse to directly condemn her comments, their leadership has appointed her to the House Foreign Affairs Committee, the very panel that oversees our diplomatic relationships with, among others, Israel.”  We need to ensure that her beliefs do not jeopardize United States national security interests or lead the Israeli people to question our commitment to their nation” stated Bramnick. All anti-Semitic statements need to be condemned by Democrats and Republicans alike. The watered down House resolution serves only as a gateway for more anti-Semitic rhetoric.