Pray for the well-being of Yerushalayim; “May those who love you be at peace.”

Christian leaders and organizations across the United States joined in prayer for Israel on Sunday in an initiative called “Pray For & Stand With Israel.” According to the website, over 20,000 joined online to pray for Israel.

Participating leaders included Franklin Graham of Samaritan’s Purse, Michele Bachman of Jerusalem Prayer Breakfast, Dr. Jack Graham, the pastor of Prestonwood Baptist Church in Plano, Texas, Tony Perkins, president of the Family Research Council, Pastor Mario Bramnick, the President of the Hispanic Israel Leadership Coalition (HILC), and Skip Heitzig, the senior pastor of Calvary Church.


Pray For & Stand With Israel (Photo courtesy)

Participants signed a pledge to support Israel:

“I commit to praying for and standing with Israel,” the pledge read. “As a member of the body of Christ, I am committed to promoting peace, justice, and solidarity among nations; and recognize the importance of fostering strong bonds of friendship and support with the nation of Israel. I join with other believers, individuals, and communities across the nation in solidarity and prayer for the peace, security, and prosperity of all of Israel.”

The website also offers a free downloadable and printable prayer guide with scripture readings from the Old and the New Testament.

Pastor Bramnick described his personal commitment to Israel.

“Two months ago I hosted a Solidarity Mission to Israel and had the honor of meeting with Prime Minister Netanyahu,” Pastor Bramnick told Israel365 New2s. “As a result of that meeting we launched Pray and Stand for Israel Sunday we’re tens of thousands of people throughout America prayed for the Nation of Israel.”

Rabbi Tuly Weisz emphasized that Christian support for Israel is essential to the future of the Jewish state.

“We’ve seen from the college protests that are often led by Jewish progressive kids who grew up in reformed synagogues that not all Jewish houses of worship are pro-Israel, and we’re paying the price for that right now,” Rabbi Weisz said. “Which is why it’s so important. It’s so refreshing and important that over 900 churches participated yesterday in a day of prayer for Israel to raise up the next generation of young Christian leaders who are staunchly pro-Israel.”

Rabbi Tuly Weisz (Photo courtesy)

Rabbi Pesach Wolicki, director of Israel365 Action, explained that the anti-Israel movement around the world also has dire implications for Christians.

“The enemies of Israel disrupt Christmas and Easter celebrations in the name of being anti-Israel,” Rabbi Wolicki said. “They are telling us what this war is about. Christians and Jews must stand together and pray for Israel because the God of the Bible is under attack.”

Christians pray and dance for Israel (Video courtesy)

Perkins cited the disturbing rise in antisemitism as a motivating factor behind the Christian prayer initiative. He also noted a conversation with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu during his recent visit to the Holy Land.

“Among the many topics discussed, Prime Minister Netanyahu expressed an urgent need for Americans who support Israel to visibly show their support. We discussed the importance of solidarity and prayer as powerful expressions of support that can make a meaningful difference in the relationship between the United States and Israel.”

“It is abundantly clear that in light of the challenges and complexities facing Israel – both politically and spiritually – it is imperative that we, as leaders within the Christian community, come together to demonstrate our unwavering support for Israel anchored in the word of God.”

Dr. Graham posted a message to the Samaritan’s Purse website urging Christians to pray for Israel.

“This is a critical period in Israel’s history,” Dr. Graham wrote. “We look around us and see antisemitism raging. We see Iran’s recent attack. We remember the brutal slaughter of over 1,200 Jewish people on Oct. 7 and see 133 hostages still being held by Hamas, used as human shields to protect their wicked leadership.”

“Please pray for Prime Minister Netanyahu and all of Israel’s leadership as they go through these very dark days. Pray especially for the hostages and all those suffering as a result of the Oct. 7 attack. Most importantly, as the Bible, the Word of God, instructs us—pray for the peace of Jerusalem (Psalm 122:6).”

Friends of Zion. 19.5.24  (click to read lettre from Prime Minister Netanhayu)