Jody Wood

Reverend Jody L. Wood serves as the Director of New York City Intercessors and facilitator of Global Prayer-UN. God has been using her as a prayer leader since January 2000 in the regional, national and global prayer movement.

She collaborates with ministries within New York City, nationally, and globally. One of Jody’s strong leadership abilities is to create strategies for city, national, and Global transformation and to bridge the gap between many different ministries for the greater purposes of their region. Jody is ordained through Christ Covenant Coalition and is the Apostolic Coordinator to the United Nations and NYC for the Reformation Prayer Network. A member of  HAPN, Global Spheres, and a leader within International Prayer Council.

Her deepest desire is to see God’s blueprint for a multi-generational prayer force raised up across the earth to establish His Kingdom here on earth as it is in heaven.