Dear President Morales,

On behalf of the Latino Coalition for Israel representing Hispanic Evangelicals in the United States, Caribbean and Central and South America, I want to thank you for your government’s plan to relocate the diplomatic mission from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem and for your unwavering support for the state of Israel.
We want to express our deep gratitude for your actions.
We are extremely grateful that Guatemala has a president that is committed to putting Guatemala first in both domestic and foreign policy and for a leader who understands that the path of peace requires stride of strength and determination.

Our support for Israel is first and foremost rooted in the Bible, in which it is clearly established that God gave the Land of Israel, with Jerusalem as its undivided capital, to the Jewish people as an eternal covenant. Indeed, the claim and presence of Jewish people in Israel and Jerusalem has remained constant for more than 3000 years.

Beyond our many mutual strategic interests, Israel is an exceptional country that shares our most essential values. Of particular concern to Christians and Jews, it is the only country in the Middle East where Freedom of Religion, as defined by the 1948 Universal Declaration of Human Rights, is found. That freedom, and the freedom of access to numerous sacred Christian and Jewish ancestral heritage sites that Israeli sovereignty safeguards and guarantees, stands in stark contrast to the persecution and genocide of Christians taking place throughout the region. Our community has never seen a more critical time for standing in unwavering support of Israel.

We as Hispanic Evangelicals are also deeply concerned about the plight of the Palestinian people. God loves all people equally, including the Palestinians. We are deeply saddened by the abuses of the Palestinian leadership upon their own people. It is our hearts desire that the Palestinians be able to live in peace and security alongside of their Jewish neighbors.

Thank you for your support in this matter and look forward to seeing you continue strong friendship and diplomatic relations with the state of Israel.


Mario Braminck, Esquire
President, Latino Coalition for Israel