We are full of grief and sorrow by the slaughter of 11 innocent Jewish lives in the Pittsburg Jewish Community last Saturday.  Words cannot express our shock and dismay at this horrific anti-Semitic crime against 11 innocent Jewish men and women worshiping on Shabbat.

Please pray for the Jewish Community, reach out personally to them with words of comfort and love, and stand with them against hateful anti-Semitic attacks.  We, as Latino Christians, mourn alongside the Jewish world, standing firm in our commitment to our Jewish brethren. As Latino Christians, we keenly understand the value of community and of faith, and are heartbroken by this deeply painful news. We encourage all leaders, whether they be heads of households or pastors, to be an example to their families and communities by demonstrating their solidarity with the Jewish people during this difficult time. We pray for an end to this anti-Semitic hatred and are committed to standing with our Jewish brethren no matter the circumstance.

Mario Bramnick, Esq.

Latino Coalition for Israel, President

The Latino Coalition for Israel’s vision is to engage and activate Hispanics in the Pro-Israel movement to counter the global rise of antisemitism and the Campaign to Delegitimize the Nation of Israel and to engage heads of state of Latin American countries to move their Embassies to Jerusalem.  Our vision is to establish the largest Pro-Israel Hispanic entity: The Latino Coalition for Israel (LCI).