Pastor Mario Bramnick, President of Latino Coalition for Israel was part of the top conservative evangelical leaders that met and prayed with President Donald Trump in the Oval Office on Monday, December 11, 2017. The Evangelical leaders expressed their gratitude to President Donald Trump on his decision last week to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and presented him with the “Friends of Zion” award.
“This award was commissioned by the 9th president of the state of Israel, Shimon Peres, to recognize a global leader with courage to stand with the nation of Israel and the Jewish people,” explained Dr. Mike Evans, founder of the Friends of Zion Museum.
“We believe no American president in history has done more to defend the Jewish people in the United Nations,” Evans said of President Trump.
“We were so thankful for the open door that our president has granted us to have very open dialogue,” said Paula White, a member of the president’s faith advisory council and senior pastor of New Destiny Christian Center in Orlando, Florida. The leaders strongly commended President Donald J. Trump’s loyalty towards Israel.
“This president is an anomaly. He is an anomaly because he keeps his promises. Evangelicals, conservatives across this country are grateful for the fact that he has actually done exactly what he campaigned on,” said Tony Perkins, president of the Family Research Council.
Pastor Mario Bramnick, President of the Latino Coalition for Israel, stated: We want to express our deep gratitude to the President for his declaration of Jerusalem as the Capital of the Nation of Israel and his fulfillment of his campaign promise in moving the United States Embassy to Jerusalem”.
“Pastor Bramnick further stated: The Presidents’ actions will bring the United States policy in line with the will of the American people, as expressed by the United States Congress and will serve as a recognition of both current and historic reality that Jerusalem has been the capital of the Jewish people and the Jewish faith, since ancient times.”
Our support for Israel is first and foremost rooted in the Bible, in which it is clearly established that God gave the Land of Israel, with undivided Jerusalem as its capital, to the Jewish people as an eternal covenant. Indeed, the claim and presence of Jewish people in Israel and Jerusalem has remained constant for more than 3000 years.
Pastor Mario worked with the Trump campaign on the platform. During that time, Pastor Mario Bramnick told that Trump and his advisers “were very strong on the importance of this language [on Israel].” “We are very encouraged by the resolve and support of Mr. Trump and his advisers on the issue,” said Bramnick. “We had worked with the platform committee leadership regarding the reinserting of the language as a united Jerusalem as the eternal capital of the nation of Israel, and the moving of the embassy to Jerusalem should the Republican candidate win the presidency.”
“Evangelicals and conservatives across this country are grateful for the fact he (President Trump) has actually done exactly what he campaigned on,” Perkins explained. “He campaigned on protection of religious freedom. He campaigned on making our military strong and reversing the radical social policies of the previous administration. He has focused on making our economy strong again. In short, he is working to make America great again. Despite what some might say, the rank-and-file evangelicals across this country applaud the president, believe in the president, and continue to stand with the president in seeing his agenda accomplished.”